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May 13

Your Auto Policy: To List or Not to List?

Gore Mutual and Canopy Insurance Services want to make sure you have all the protection you require, so if you are unsure as to who should be listed on your automobile policy, please talk to your Broker to avoid any disappointment at claim time. Your Auto Policy To List or Not to List

Nov 20

Wrenching Issues: Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

Click this link to open the PDF: Wrenching+Issues

Nov 20

Why not to buy insurance from banks

Mortgage insurance is meant to offer peace of mind. Most people pay the premiums and think they’re covered. But some have discovered – when it’s too late – that they aren’t. CBC’s Marketplace: In Denial

Nov 20

Automobile Insurance Quoting and Underwriting Practices

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario is pleased to offer Ontarians an array of publications and resources designed to educate consumers and enhance their confidence in its FSCO’s regulated sectors.  Follow the link below for detailed information: